5/7/14 by: ADMIN

Well this is a question more and more people are asking. It seems that the vacation home rental market where people rent a home or condo owned by a private party has exceeded the hotel rental market. There are many reasons for this and I think one or the primary reasons is that when you are traveling with a large crowd it can be cheaper than renting a hotel. I have rented homes on many occasions and been doing this for years all over the world and everyone I have done this with prefers it to renting a hotel.

When you rent a home you can find a great location and you will have a kitchen so you do not need to eat all your meals out and that of course will save a ton of money. Also you will get the feel of the local community and have a yard if you bring kids on the trip. When you are traveling with kids in a hotel there is never anything for them to do in the room except watch TV and jump on the beds while you try to control them. In a home they can have the run of the place just like at their own home.

This home is in Oceanside, CA and is just one block from the beach. Sitting on the front porch you can look right down a side street to see the ocean. If you want to walk on the beach in the morning with the kids and drink your coffee then return home for breakfast it is all just out your front door. No need to go the hotel lobby for a cup of coffee then back to the room to redress before you go to some expensive restaurant for breakfast and spend your meal trying to control the kids. If you drive to a location like this and bring toys for the kids like buggy boards and buckets for digging in the sand you just keep then in the yard. No hassle with what to do like in a hotel.

Or how about renting a place like this with the balcony to relax with a glass of wine and watch the sunset. Below you can see the view from the great room.

So you see why I would rather look for a vacation rental than stay in a hotel and I think this trend will continue.