I’m sure many of you love to travel just as much as I do but it does get very expensive. So how do you have fun and still be able to afford the trip? The answer for me is to live like a local. Let’s take Europe for example, as I have done this several times in Europe. If you rent a villa instead of a hotel you can save a lot of money. Try to get a group together because you can then rent a villa that sleeps 6-8 and divide that cost by the number of people and if you can travel in the off season you may be able to stay for $50 per night per person. Also you will have a full kitchen, laundry room ect so you do not have to pay outrageous prices for these things. Just eat out once in a while.



One place I did this with 6 people was Lucca, Italy and we had a great time. The villa was beautiful, large and had a wonderful backyard. We were close enough to town to walk to a lot of places. We rented 1 car and would take day trips for whoever wanted to go. Sometimes a few decided to just stay in town and walk around.  I usually go to a site called when I am planning a trip and have always had good luck.

There is so much to do just hanging out in a town when you travel like this and you really get a chance to find out what life is really like in other countries. I loved biking around the wall of Lucca. Just rent you bike and go.

Also there was a little bar just down the street from our villa and they made their own wine which was dirt cheap and tasted like a $30 bottle. At night we would buy a jug of the wine and walk back to the villa and sit in the yard having wine. They wanted us to bring the jug back which was no problem.


Just rent your villa and go you will find so much to do. Have fun.